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Looking for a cute and affordable wedding guest dress to wear to your friends wedding this summer? Here are some trendy and budget friendly wedding guest dresses from Amazon.

Cute Wedding Guest Dresses


This dress would be great for both an indoor and outdoor wedding. Definitely lightweight for those warmer days. Dress comes in 6 colors and I’m wearing the size small.


Love the idea of this dress for an outdoor wedding this summer! It would also look great for a western inspired wedding with a pair of cowboy boots!


Great summer option! Now this is the type of dress I’m talking about that looks nearly designer, yet a fraction of the cost! Great for a black tie event too! Comes in 18 color options.


Need a dress for a black tie event? This one would be perfect. I wore this in NYC to the Amazon Live event I attended this spring. Elegant and classy all in one!


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