Easiest Taco Dip for Summer



The best taco dip for summer bbq's is one that has few ingredients and is put together in minutes. Simply mix the ingredients together with a hand mixer and you have this deliciously simple taco dip in five minutes or less!

Easy Taco Dip Recipe


– 2 blocks of cream cheese – 8 oz of sour cream – approx 8oz Ortega taco sauce (mild or medium) – 2 cups of mexican shredded cheese


Start by softening the cream cheese so it blends up easier. I use a hand mixer to mix.


After mixing the cream cheese, then add the sour cream until blended. Last, add in the taco sauce and mix.


Pour into your pan and top with shredded cheese. You can always add more or less cheese due to preference.


Chill for an hour and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips!


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