Free and Creative Elf on a Shelf


Looking for some easy and creative Elf on a Shelf ideas to get your kids into the Christmas Spirit? Here are 7 fun ideas for your kids and their Elf on a Shelf that are free and creative!

Free and Creative Elf on a Shelf Ideas


Put the elf next to the bananas holding a Sharpie with Minions on the bananas.


On a piece of paper draw a twister game and name it elf twister. Put the elf on the paper playing the game.


On a board write "did someone say taco Tuesday?" and then wrap the elf in a burrito.


Put out a roll of TP and put the elf in the hole. Then put an unwrapped Hershey Kiss behind his butt.


Put on a card "please bring me your favorite book now and read it to me" with the elf on a chair.


Stick the elf in a tissue box and cover him with a tissue as a blanket.


Put the elf in a box of cereal and write "Hi ___ (kids names)".


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