Neutral and Cheap Rugs from


Looking for some inexpensive and neutral rugs with a simple pattern from Amazon? Here are some washable rugs from Amazon that are cheap and high quality for their amazing price!

Cheap Rugs from Amazon


I love this large outdoor area rug! It is easily washable by spraying off with a power washer and the perfect size for a patio set.


For a simple modern neutral rug for your front porch, this one is a great option!


This neutral modern rug is the perfect size for an open floor plan kitchen! I love the design.


I love that this rug is padded! It's perfect for adding a cozy comforting vibe to your bedroom or living room.


This washable runner is perfect for in front of our doorway. I was looking for a pretty neutral tone and something light against our hardwood floor.


White Frame Corner

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