Sunday Refresh


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Looking for some tips on how to actually relax over the weekend? Here are some Sunday refresh ideas to relax this weekend!

How to Relax Over the Weekend


If waking with an alarm, set the alarm for at least an hour later than you get up during the week. That way, you still have some structure with your day, but awarding your body with a little extra sleep it most likely deserves.


Give your body extra treatment. Treat yourself to a long bath with either a mimosa or a cup of hot tea to relax. Use some epson salt in the bath to help out those tired muscles. Take the extra time to pamper your skin today.


No work. This means the laundry, “real work”, cooking or anything else we do day in and day out. Take the day… read the book you’ve been wanting to dive into, or watch that trashy reality tv show no one else in the house understands why you watch it.


Dry and curl your hair. Ok, this may actually seem like work, but it’s going to give you a head start on Monday morning and I swear you’ll appreciate having one less thing to do.


Treat yourself to something. Is there something sitting in your Amazon cart that you keep holding back for later? Hit checkout.


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