Super Cheap Elf on a Shelf


Need some new creative and cheap Elf on a Shelf ideas? Here are some fun ones for the kids that will make them laugh and offer them some cheap treats to snack on this Christmas season.

Super Cheap Elf on a Shelf Ideas


Write "I am keeping an eye on you" on a piece of cardboard and cover it in googly eyes.


Place Skittles on a place and put a card "do you want to see a rainbow?". Then add water to the plate.


Write "You were so good yesterday! Here is a treat." on a piece of paper and leave out a treat.


Write "Let's make cookies" on a piece of paper and lay it with the elf next to ingredients for some Christmas cookies.


Put buns behind the elf's butt and put a note that says "I like big buns and I cannot lie." behind him.


Write "Unwind for a surprise." on a piece of paper and then wrap a prize in a yarn ball.


Write "Lemonade for sale." on a note and stick it next to cups of yellow liquid along with the elf.


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