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Christmas Cocktails

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly, a little bit of wine will make us all jolly… You may be laughing, but you know it’s true. 😉 Baking isn’t necessarily my forte but I have been known to whip up a few different cocktails to bring out the holiday cheer!

This year when testing out a few new mixes I decided to keep things bubbly and use Prosecco as my starter. There’s something about a little extra bubbly that makes me feel a little more festive.

Mrs. Clause’s Morning Mimosa

True story, the only way I drink juice period is if it’s mixed, especially orange juice. Obviously cranberries are the garnish of the season so they added the perfect amount of color to the morning cocktail. I used equal parts orange and pineapple juice, then filled the rest of the way with Prosecco and topped with a few cranberries. I snagged these glasses a few years ago when it was my turn to host Christmas and love the humor. Just a little piece of advice though, don’t put them in the dishwasher. lol

Christmas Rum Punch

I know fruit such as peaches and raspberries aren’t as common around Christmas, but… I still had them in the freezer from my morning smoothie days and said what the heck. I just grabbed a few of each fruit, used just a splash of raspberry rum and topped off with the prosecco. I also took this to our gingerbread party the other night and I swear it made my decorating go much easier.

Poinsettia Mimosa

This was definitely a good one. Did you see my Christmas outfit styling video? Well, that’s what I was knocking back to be sure I was “camera-ready”. 😉 I’m a sucker for coconut rum, cranberry and pineapple juice in the summer, so I did a little spin for the holidays by substituting the rum for bubbly. Garnish with cranberries and rosemary to give it the “extra” effect. Funny story, when I ordered the rosemary from Walmart grocery pickup they were out and first substituted me with sage. I’m no professional bartender, but I didn’t think that would work too well. I’ve also bombed a few dinners by seasoning with rosemary, but this drink was still a hit!

I hope you get to try out a few of these, and they make your gatherings a little more merry!

Merry Christmas!

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