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Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Guy

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If you’ve been around for a bit around here you may have picked up that my guys are more the outdoorsy type. Andrew works outside running heavy equipment most days and weekends are spent hunting or just enjoying the outdoors with the kids. He’d rather be outside doing something because if he’s left inside he knows I’ll give him a project or two… 😉

Sometimes I really struggle with gift ideas for him and some years it really clicks. He never buys himself much besides things for the side by side and tools occasionally so that helps me out a little come holiday time!

Gift Ideas –

Toboggan – Andrew laughs how the Kardashians made Carhart cool when in reality we’ve been wearing it to keep warm and “work” for years.

Razor Blades – I always add new razor blades to his stocking so there’s never an excuse for looking like a mountain man…

Solar Charger / Flashlight – Perfect for having on hand for camping trips or long work days. Solar fueled phone charger and flashlight.

Jerky Box – Basically everyone in this house is obsessed with jerky besides me… well perfect treat to have under the tree!

Bottle Opener – Most beer we buy has twist-off caps, but recently tried using a pair of scissors for opening a bottle of beer my brother in law brought. This gadget is under $10, removes the caps and catchesthem!

Grill – I’ll be honest, I do most of the grilling around here but Andrew’s been getting a little better at cooking with his turkey fryer and making wings usually on Sundays. This is a grill and smoker in one!

Fishing Vest – Perfect for that guy who loves catching fresh fish for you to cook up for dinner. 😉 Fortunately, my guys aren’t great fishermen… LOL

Beer Brewing Kit – We don’t get much more adventurous drink wise here between wine and Michelob Ultra… however, brewing your own craft beef sounds fun. And, looks a little dangerous…

Jeans – Because why not…

Cornhole Set – We’ve been playing for years, but it’s even more fun now because the kids are old enough to actually play with. Truth be had, Parker can kick our butt!

Shoes – Parker swears these are the comfiest shoes ever and keeps telling his dad he needs a pair.

Trail Cam – Hunting season gets pretty serious around here and they love getting to catch the bucks on cam.

Wallet – It’s crazy how many cards we end up accumulating over time. Add in a little extra cash to have on hand and Andrew has to take his wallet out of his pocket while driving all day or it messes with his back. Slim wallet + RFID blocker!

Heated Gloves – Baby it gets cold outside. We have heated jackets and love them, so these make the perfect addition for working out in the cold!

Garage Vac – Just because… the vehicles get messy and need a clean out once in awhile.

Sunglasses – When in doubt you need something for the stocking, a new pair of Oakley’s never disappoints.

Binoculars – Night vision binoculars are perfect for catching what may be moving around after dark. They even capture pictures!

I’m hoping this gift guide can help you cross a new names off your list. Happy Shopping!

I’m a stay at home mom of three kiddos, and wife to my high school sweetheart. I’ve always had a love for fashion and styles that you won’t find on just anybody. Follow me on this journey so I can share with you all of my favorite things!

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