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Home Decor: How to Decorate a Table for Spring

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The time has come… it’s time to put away all of the pine, reds and greens from your holiday decor. The last of the holiday decor I had to put away was from my dining room table. So, it felt like today was the day to switch over and decorate a table for spring!

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What I Used from Amazon to Decorate a Table for Spring

I’ve bought this tablecloth in two different colors for different seasons. I buy the square size and make it form a diamond on my rectangle table.

I originally bought this for my mantle but wasn’t a fan. It just didn’t stick up high enough to see it. However, it works perfect to add a touch of greenery on my table.

It just takes a few little touches to add a little elegance to your table. This pack of matte black candlesticks does just that.

I originally purchased these candlesticks for the table at Christmas. I haven’t burnt them yet, but they are odor free which is a necessity at the table.

These were originally bought for my patio table but I ended up using them at Christmas and again for spring. The rattan really helps give a little extra texture to the table.

Silverware –

I’ve come to love the look of gold silverware and and always use it to set my “fancy table”.

This table scape is a little similar to what I did for fall a few years ago but just enough to be different and set it apart. I did go into full detail on Amazon Live on what I used for my spring table refresh and why.

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