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Target Tuesday: Wide Leg Linen Pants

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It’s not often you will see me in pants that aren’t jeans, leggings or joggers. But I fell in love with these wide leg linen pants from Target! Even though they’re linen, you could definitely wear them now while it’s still cooler and keep wearing them this summer! These pants are going to work for heading to the office or a fun patio date night!

Wide Leg Linen Pants: Wear Now


You’re definitely going to be able to wear these pants now. Yes, they’re linen and lightweight but with the black pinstripes I promise you’ll be good! You will want to wear nude underwear. I think when outside with the natural light if wearing something with a lot of contrast you will notice it.

While it’s still cool outside, I’d pair the pants with a closed toe pair of pumps if you’re heading to the office. Layer a blazer over the basic tee for a more business look. Wanting to go more casual? You could get away with a fun pair of casual sneakers, graphic tee and cardigan!

Wide Leg Linen Pants: Wear Later


I’m thinking brunch with my girlfriends on a patio with endless mimosas with this outfit. Who am I kidding? I’ve never made it to a brunch with friends. LOL

Swapping out the shoes for an open toe sandal and relying on the trusty denim jacket for that extra layer is one of my favorites!

I had to wait a bit to share these new pants because I grabbed them on one of my random Target trips then couldn’t find them online. I was so glad to see them now available online so I could share them with you!

So, how do we feel about the wide leg linen pants? Are we a fan? They’re also available in some great solid colors. I can also say, for being linen they really didn’t wrinkle bad!

I’m a stay at home mom of three kiddos, and wife to my high school sweetheart. I’ve always had a love for fashion and styles that you won’t find on just anybody. Follow me on this journey so I can share with you all of my favorite things!

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