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The Best Faux Plants from Amazon

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There’s nothing more I love than planting fresh flowers outside in the spring. However, being in Pennsylvania I usually can’t plant anything before Mother’s Day. Well, by the time we put away our Christmas pines in January it can look pretty dreary until we plant in May. Last year I started adding more faux plants from Amazon to my outdoors after having them inside and loving them so much.

My Faux Plants From Amazon I Love

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I was so impressed with the quality of this olive tree when I unpacked it. It required very little fluffing, and is super realistic in colors and feel. This tree is 82″ tall and perfect for placing in a corner where you’d like to fill more void space. Placing it in my corner by the steps worked great! I like to place the tree in an oversized basket and just place some bags in there for filler then add a small layer of grass on top.

faux shrub, outdoor planter, faux plants from Amazon

Last spring I added this faux shrub to my porch planters for some greenery that would last all year. I was a little skeptical, but really impressed with how nice they were and how well they held up. While they were a little on the pricey side, they still came in cheaper than if I bought the real thing and I know it won’t ever turn brown!

More Faux Plants for Indoors and Outdoors

I found a great assortment of faux plants from Amazon that will all be great for indoors and outdoors. I’m actually loving the idea of the lemon tree for a kitchen or patio!

Have you added some faux greenery to your home? What’s your favorite kind?

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