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Amazon Legging Review

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Sometimes finding the right leggings that come up high enough they hold in our mom pooch, won’t give away that we’re wearing hot pink underwear and are soft to the touch is like finding a diamond in the rough. A few years ago I bought my first pair of Zella leggings from Nordstrom and was hooked! I’ll be honest though, I was really skeptical if they could be THAT good for the price tag. Well, I own a few pairs now if that says anything.

Since my friends may refer to me as an Amazon addict (for some reason I’m tagged in all the memes with the porch full of Prime boxes.) and I buy anything from toilet paper, dog food and snacks from there I’m starting to try out more pieces from the clothing side. Like any store, there are going to be some winners and losers.

Have you ever searched black leggings on Amazon? There are over 80,000 results that pop up! I swear every day when I’m checking the Prime deals there is a different brand of black leggings on lightning deal, so that’s where my inspiration came from to try some of the top-rated leggings and see how they truly rate. Each pair of these Amazon favorite leggings had great reviews but I’m giving you my honest opinion on how I liked them.












90 Degree

I see these a ton on Lightning Deal, and in all honesty they were the first pair I ripped the tags off and wore. They have a great higher waist, thick, so no polka dot undies coming through and they don’t have the seams down the outside that make them appear more like a workout legging. As far as feel goes, they were VERY comparable to the Zella leggings at a fraction of the cost! These are an XS.



These ones were another great comparison to the Zella leggings. They actually have the outside seam going down so they’re definitely more a style that I’ll wear with my favorite hoodie and sneakers. These are another pair that I’ve already worn since purchasing and are often a daily deal. I’m wearing these in an XS.

Leggings Depot

As much as I wanted to love these because they truly were buttery soft, they just didn’t fit me well. They were too baggy under my knees and the waistband was gathered (reminded me of toddler leggings). If you liked the crazy leggings that swept the internet a few years ago (Lularoe) the feeling of these reminded me most of those. Unfortunately for these ones they are going back to Amazon. The sizing of these is OS, so that may be why the sizing is a little off for me.

If you have a favorite legging you’ve come across on Amazon, be sure to let me know which are your favorite in the comments!


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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Which 90 degree leggings were the ones you featured above? The high waist compression tummy? Thank you! Lauren

    Posted 1.27.19 Reply
  2. Anna wrote:

    I purchased a pair recently. The brand is called Santina. They are comparable to my Lularoe leggings at a fraction of the cost. I don’t know how long they will last but I never knew that with my LLR leggings either and these are $20 cheaper!

    Posted 4.29.19 Reply
    • fashionablylatemom wrote:

      I’ll have to check them out!

      Posted 5.3.19 Reply