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Easter At Home

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Something I’ve learned this Easter… Just because it’s different than what we’re used to doesn’t mean it’s all that bad. For the last 19 years, I’ve attended sunrise service with Andrew’s family followed by breakfast at church then dinner at my in-laws. The menu for breakfast has changed a bit, but other than that everything else was the same. Until this year…

For the second time in my life I cooked homemade mashed potatoes [I’m talking the real deal where you peel them and all] and all our other favorites [corn casserole, green beans, rolls, noodles, stuffing, and deviled eggs], and may have googled the proper silverware placement for a formal setting but hey 🤷‍♀️. Andrew isn’t a fan of ham so we smoked a turkey which went a lot better than the time I tried to cook a turkey on Christmas Eve in an oilless turkey fryer and finally by 9pm we gave up and only ate the side dishes for our meal. [Just ask my brother, he still teases me about that to this day.] I broke out the fancy china that I got as a wedding gift almost 15 years ago and used it for the first time. The best part? I wasn’t a crazy person through it all.

So, the moral to my story for today is just because we all had to stay home and it was a different Easter than we were used to it was still a blessed day. The tomb was empty, and because of that we were able to still celebrate that He has risen, even in these times we feel so much uncertainty. We need to look at glass half full side for a moment in this mess that we are in. For my family we came out today appreciating our time with each other and learning that mom really can cook… 😉

Happy Easter!

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