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At Home Spa Day Essentials

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One thing I’m thankful for is that I had a dermaplane facial and pedicure in March before the stay at home order. Madison and I love doing the spa together and usually go a few times a year. Well, since we have plenty of time on our hands we decided to have a spa day at home!

At Home Spa Day Essentials

Both Madison and I have sensitive skin, so we were a little nervous about the face masks, but I’m happy to report no breakouts from either of us. Also, have you seen the foot peels all over Amazon? A friend recommended this one to me and holy cow! I’m also totally not gonna lie and say I had to have a glass of wine before I finally hit the upload button on these pictures of my feet with the skin falling off… So, that’s your warning, be prepared to scroll fast if feet gross you out! 🤢

Do you have a makeup eraser? They are seriously a game changer when washing your face. I’ve tried other knock offs from Amazon and nothing truly compares to the original!

Remember, no one said this was going to be pretty, and unless you want to give your kids nightmares, you may want to check out this post while they’re napping! 😉

We left our masks on while we prepped our tootsies for the foot peel and removed them after about 30 min then massaged in the remainder good-ness in to our face and neck.

Now comes the good stuff, and prepare you’ve been warned. These foot masks came with 2 in a pack so it was perfect for us. It definitely felt a little weird and cool when first putting them on and I needed some extra tape to tighten up Madisons, but after getting them all situated we put on our favorite fluffy socks and waited it out.

At Home Spa Day Essentials featured by top Pittsburgh lifestyle blogger, Fashionably Late Mom.
Cheers to soft faces and feet!

Now comes the interesting part… are you ready?? It’s recommended to soak your feet for 10 min a day in hot water to help the peeling process. I just counted that as my shower time. I was shocked when by about day 3 my feet started peeling. And I’m talking about the kind of peeling you can’t quit picking at [kind of like a sunburn]. Andrew’s always one to pick at a peeling sunburn, but he wanted nothing to do with my feet! 😂

This is seriously what they looked like on day 3! It was so gross, yet so satisfying! By about day 8 it looked like I had a fresh pedicure with feet as soft as a baby’s bum!

Since time is of the essence it seems these days, that the time and do something special for you to make you feel better. Whether it’s painting your nails, trying a new moisturizer or doing a crazy foot peel. Do something for you!

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