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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

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Easter is sneaking up on us and sometimes coming up with Easter basket gift ideas for the kids can be challenging. In our house, the Easter Bunny doesn’t arrive until after we get back from church in the morning and it’s usually things the kids could use for the upcoming summer season.

My kids are 11, 14 and 16 so my Easter baskets are definitely different this year compared to many in the past. Thankfully, I had a friend help out with some of the younger Easter basket ideas since my kids aren’t into those things as much anymore.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Teens

These Easter gift ideas for the teens can cover a kiddo anywhere from 11 and older. These are all things my three would be happy with.

One year we did end up doing a trampoline for Easter, but that’s because we planned on getting one anyway for the kids to enjoy over the summer and figured we could kill two birds with one stone.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

One of my friends who helps me out a lot over here has boys aged 3 to 6th grade so she was a lot of help on some of these basket ideas for the smaller kiddos. We don’t even see much cartoons in our house anymore to have an idea what the hot toys are!

Another idea for the young ones that love to spend their time outside. We always would do fun things for the kids to use in the pool or for some summer fishing for Easter.

What does the Easter Bunny usually bring to your kiddos? Let me know below.

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