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School’s out for summer! Not gonna lie, I may be a tad bit more excited than the kids that I was able to shut off all the phone alarms Friday morning and celebrate that summer vacation is finally here. Only 1 out of 3 kids went to school on the last day. I’ve never given them the option to skip, but I’m not denying it’s kind of silly to go to school for 2.5 hours and get back on the bus home. Poor Parker did have to go because he had maxed out his days he could miss due to his stomach issues from a few months ago. Madison and Jayden skipped. By 9am they were playing school together and by 10:30 they were bored and fighting… yes, this is what our summer will consist of.

This year was the first I’ve attended a high school graduation since I graduated 16 years ago. (No worries, I’m over here scheduling my first Botox appointment after that tidbit.) I’m honestly not sure what I enjoyed more, seeing so many kids that I’ve enjoyed seeing grow up whether they babysat my kiddos, have become an adopted niece, or I had done their hair and makeup as a flower girl in a wedding or being touched by a teacher giving his final farewell speech after 45 years teaching. I’ll be honest… it could’ve been the afternoon mimosas by the pool that made me a little more emotional, but I truly hope those (52 I believe) seniors that were sitting there patiently waiting to throw their caps in the air truly soaked in that mans words. Here I was over 15 years post graduating and I NEEDED to hear those words!

Saturday was kicked off with yard work. Andrew got mulch to spruce up the front flower bed and while he was gone I busted out the hedge trimmers which Jayden was scared for his life… LOL! I didn’t realize how out of shape I truly was until I spent 4 hours shoveling and raking mulch. If I could squeeze in a massage this week I’d be the happiest gal on earth!

Yes, they work and it’s for free…

After yard work, we headed to the first rounds of graduation parties. This jumpsuit was a great idea and left me feeling comfy and chic. The only thing I didn’t think about was using the porta john in the dark after a few beers…

Jumpsuit / Sandals

Parker headed out for a week long fishing trip to the cabin which I’m not gonna lie, makes this momma a little nervous. Not that I don’t trust his grandparents, but there’s always that fear when your kid is out of your site for a week and it takes 5 hours to get to him!

Here’s to a new week and kicking off summer vacation without the other two killing each other!

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