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Favorite Target Swimsuits

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For years I was a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit snob. I’m really not sure when they stopped selling swimsuits. Beginning last year I really started falling in love with Target’s swimsuits. Starting very early spring, like before Easter you see them taking up a large section of the women’s department. We know most women have a certain love relationship with Target. I know I do. Aside from being able to find everything there from clothing, electronics, home, grocery and when I cross the border to West Virginia wine, most are equipped with their own Starbucks! I always grab a caramel macchiato and a bag of popcorn to start off my shopping.

Last year we finally put in our pool that I’ve been waiting 10 years for. It was late summer when everything was finished for the most part, but I obviously started swimsuit shopping early. I’m what you’d call a Target frequent shopper so I think I grabbed a new swimsuit each visit. One of the first things I noticed about Target’s swimsuits… so much more cost friendly than what I’d been buying from Victorias Secret.

I’m a bikini girl at home.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a bikini wearing girl. As I’ve gotten older and had kids that has changed a bit. I’m not sure why but as I’ve gotten older and had kids I’ve become self conscious in a bikini around others. It’s not that my size is an issue, I just feel awkward. So when we are home or away on vacation at the beach where I know no-one I will still wear a bikini. It’s mainly when we visit water parks that I’ll pull out the tankini. I’ve broadened my bikini wardrobe this year in preparation for our upcoming beach vacation to Sandestin Resort. These are my favorite bikinis I’ve picked up this year at Target.


Sometimes I need to feel a little conservative.

There’s something about indoor water parks that makes me feel I need to cover myself up. I truly have no explanation for it, but anytime we visit our favorite indoor waterpark Kalahari I always opt for a tankini or one piece. My selection of tankinis and one pieces isn’t as big as my bikini drawer. I definitely need to update those pieces in my closet as all my ones I currently own are at least five years old. LOL So, my next trip to Target will include grabbing a few of these so I’m prepared for our next trip to Kalahari.


There are a lot more styles still available online at Target. Sometimes in store it’s hard to find my size, so I get a good visual in store then check sizes online at home. This week they are having a HUGE swimsuit sale so I’m going to try and grab a few more for our future waterpark visits. Don’t forget to always use your Target Redcard and get an extra 5% off. I’m always amazed at how much that 5% adds up on my purchases every month.

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  1. Caitlin wrote:

    I go to Target for almost everything including swimsuits, too! This year I bought just a bikini top to wear with some swim shorts that I got for $10 from Old Navy.
    They didn’t have some of these styles at my Target- so cute!

    Posted 6.22.17 Reply