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My Father’s Day Gift Roundup

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Well, it’s six days away from Father’s Day and I haven’t gotten the hubby or my dad anything yet. Anyone else with me? I’m sure it’s no surprise to my friends and family. I’m probably the biggest procrastinator on the east coast. I will say, Andrew and I don’t go crazy with holidays. We’re bad about just getting what we need/want all year which makes it hard to buy for holidays.

Amazon’s got it going on.

I like to check out Amazon’s gift guide they usually have up on their homepage. There’s usually an idea or two for any type of guy. Plus the fact that I LOVE Amazon’s Prime service where you get free 2 day shipping will be a lifesaver for me this Fathers’s Day.

1. Outdoor Speaker

My hubby is an outdoorsy type of guy. I thought he could get a lot of use out of these rugged outdoor bluetooth speakers. It can come in handy while sitting around a bon fire, four wheeler or RZR rides, taking the kids fishing or while he’s hiding out in the garage. I know my hubby isn’t the only guy that pretends he’s cleaning it. Yes, I’ve caught him a time or two hanging out in there in his zero gravity chair with a beer.



2. Shop Vac

I feel like a shop vac is a good universal tool to have. We have one in both of our garages. With three kiddos that are always getting in the vehicles with muddy cleats or after a cross country race we accumulate a good bit of dirt. Plus, we aren’t the type that forbid food in the car. It’s just not feasible to us with all the running we do. We have one of these wall mounted shop vacs in his big garage that I got for him a few years ago at Christmas. It has great suction and is pretty quiet which is a plus. We like to keep one of these smaller shop vacs in the house garage that makes it easy to pull out and do a quick clean.                                       

3. Outdoor Games

Our kids are pretty active and love spending time outside. So, why not get him a gift that the kids can have fun with too? This Spikeball Combo Set looks like a lot of fun. I think my oldest son would love playing it with Dad. We need new corn hole boards. Our whole family loves to play. We’ve already had to replace our corn hole bags, so this year we are up for new boards. We definitely will put corn hole to use this year at the Steeler games.              

4. Sunglasses

I don’t consider Andrew a “flashy” guy by any means. But, he is particular with his sunglasses. They are something he will splurge on. He’s more an Oakley guy and likes a pair for good and a pair for work.


5. Smart Watch

I’m surprised but a lot of guys like smart watches. Even when they aren’t extremely techie. Andrew’s Apple Watch comes in handy when he’s working. Running heavy equipment pretty much daily it makes it convenient for checking messages and receiving calls. I even think the Fitbit smart watches are a great alternative and more budget friendly.                                                    

6. Can Coozy/Cooler

Andrew is a Yeti snob. He loves his Yeti can coozie. For our 10 year anniversary I got him the Yeti cooler. Like I said, I don’t feel we are traditional gift people. LOL I wouldn’t splurge on the Yeti tumbler and bought a more budget friendly version. I saw a test someone did on Facebook last year that tested the Yeti tumbler to a cheaper version. Guess what, it did just as well. The tumblers are perfect for keeping your summer drinks cold all day. I’m going to try the knock off version of the cooler next.

7.  Summer Shorts

I realized the other day when Andrew put on a pair of shorts and there was a decent size hole in the butt it was time to update. It’s safe to say I haven’t bought him shorts in over 5 years. In all reality he doesn’t wear them a ton. He’s more a jeans guy until it hits mid to upper 80’s. These AE shorts are a great price!

Buying for my husband is a little more in depth than my Dad. He’s much more minimalistic. Get him his favorite whiskey and peanut M&Ms and he’s a happy guy!
Share what you’re getting your special Dad this Fathers’s Day!
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Father's Day Gift Guide

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Oh my goodness, thank you for this post!! I was so unsure what to get my Dad for Father’s Day because he always gets himself what he needs. But, like your husband, even though my father is a simple man, he is an outdoorsy guy who likes his beer cold and his eyes covered in style!! 🙂

    Posted 6.13.17 Reply
  2. Brenda Batis wrote:

    Thanks Alissa! I just ordered Mark 2 pair of the AE cargo shorts! He desperately needs them!( never buys clothes for himself !)

    Posted 6.13.17 Reply
    • fashionablylatemom wrote:

      I know what you mean, neither does Andrew. I didn’t realize how bad of shape his shorts were in till he put a pair on the other day!

      Posted 6.13.17 Reply
  3. Gillian wrote:

    Love the shop vac!! These are all great suggestions. It’s always hard to find something they will use.

    Posted 6.15.17 Reply
  4. Lynn Woods wrote:

    Great gift ideas! My husband would definitely enjoy the outside speaker.Lynn Woods

    Posted 6.15.17 Reply
  5. What a great gift round-up! I am loving those khaki shorts!

    Posted 6.16.17 Reply