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Christmas Shopping Gift Guide: Women’s Luxury Gift Ideas

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Are you the type of person that would rather have one luxurious gift under the tree or multiple gifts? I’m totally good with just one thing. In the past, I used to always be a sales shopper and would never splurge on anything. I’d think to myself, “how could anything really cost that much?”. However, over time I’ve learned, you get what you pay for, and also when you splurge on an item, a lot of times you spend less in the long run because you aren’t buying things here and there because they are on sale. If you are wanting to send some women’s luxury gift ideas to your husband, parents, or in-laws, I’m here to help! A few of these items I own, and a few I’d love to have under the Christmas tree this year.

Women’s Luxury Gift Ideas

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Yes, I use Opalex on my hair… Yes, I freaked out when Madison took it and started using way too much when she washed her hair. It’s sold in stores only for professionals and totally worth it!

UGG Slippers

Every few years I’m due for a new pair of slippers because I wear them so much. I call them my house shoes. They are worth the splurge and I’ve gifted them to my Mom, Step-Mom, and Mother in Law.

P448 Sneakers

If you want a pair of casual sneakers that always look amazing, but are super comfortable… these can’t be beaten! They are a savings compared to Golden Goose.


I’ve worn this scent of YSL perfume for a few years now and love it. Andrew must love it too because I ended up with 3 bottles last year for Christmas. One bottle lasts me a solid year…

Michele Watch

When you invest in a watch, it can truly last forever. I snagged a Michele watch a few years ago during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Jayden actually asked me if Andrew bought me a Rolex. 😂

Gucci Belt

Okay, Okay, I’m sure you may ask who would spend that much on a belt. But, what if the belt actually held its value over the years? That will for sure happen with any Gucci belt. I do have one, but I had a gift card to cover it. 😉

Dyson Dryer

This hairdryer is said to be the “it” hairdryer. I even know a few hairdressers that use it while working.


I fully believe that when you invest in a designer handbag you save money in the long run. I used to always pick up different purses because they were “on-sale”. Well, once I started investing, I’ve bought two in over 5 years.

Tory Burch Sandals

The Miller’s have been the “it” fashion blogger sandal for years. Well, this year they did a cross between the Miller and a Birkenstock footbed that couldn’t keep them in stock!

Barefoot Dreams Throw

If you want to cuddle up on the couch and feel like a million bucks, you’re going to want one of these blankets!

Gucci Keychain

Want to add a little Gucci to your life without the hold in the wallet? Start out small…

Nest Candle

I have yet to own one, but my niece asked for one last year so I gifted her one for Christmas. I hear they are amazing!

Never doubt that you don’t deserve a luxury gift every now and again… If you’ve gotten a splurge-worthy gift in the past and loved it, be sure to share it below.

I’m a stay at home mom of three kiddos, and wife to my high school sweetheart. I’ve always had a love for fashion and styles that you won’t find on just anybody. Follow me on this journey so I can share with you all of my favorite things!

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