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I can pretty much guarantee that by April you’re going to be hearing me say how I CAN’T wait for school to be out and the kids to be home for summer vacation. BUT, come August I’m usually ready for them to head back. This year is the first time all three kids will be in school all day five days a week. I’ll be honest, it’s a bittersweet moment. Up until 2016 I was basically a part-time stay at home mom. Now that all three kiddos have left for elementary school I’m looking forward to dedicating more time to Fashionably Late Mom.

So far for all three kids on their first day of Kindergarten I’ve never been the mom that sheds tears. I don’t feel it makes me any any less of a good mom. I’ve just always been excited for this new venture in their lives. I’ve never wanted to hold my kids back from doing anything or achieving any goals they may have. Now, don’t get me wrong. Does it hit me a little hard a few days after school starts and I realize my oldest only has 8 more years of school before he heads off to college? Or the fact that my little girl has never had a love for school and begged repeatedly to be home schooled this summer? She’s such a free spirit and  never worries what others are doing, I’m just not sure we are ready for that transition yet. It’s something we have to pray about and let God help us make the right decision there. Then, there’s my baby. He was our biggest surprise, and greatest joy. Seeing him take the big step yesterday and getting on the school bus, and hearing him talk about his day when he got home is definitely going to be a big adjustment for me this year.

But, rather than be sad and mopey that are kids are all off to school for the next nine months, we celebrate! Starting last year, I decided to have a back to school party and have other moms join in on the day and celebrate the kids first day back to school. We start the day about 10:30am share food, cocktails and laughs. It’s a great tradition that we look forward to continue doing each year. This year I may have had a little fun rubbing it into my oldest Parker, that while he’s in class Mom and all her friends will be hanging by the pool, having cool drinks and dancing. I feel it’s important to let loose once in awhile and the first day after the kids being home for three months that you can actually go to the bathroom in peace, not hear them fighting over who gets to watch what show and complain about their lunch choices calls for celebration in my book!

Drinks, food, laughs and swimming.

We had a yummy lemonade sangria, strawberry cream cheese french toast, muffins, cookies and lots and lots of laughs. Here’s to the #badmoms Back to School Party of 2017, and looking forward to next year!

Lots of yummy food and great stories.

The debate of John Snow was on, some of us had no idea who he was, others were drooling at the mouth. LOL

Sometimes you gotta take a magical ride on a unicorn.

Sad the day is ending, but looking forward to the next one.

T- 30 minutes until the kids get off the bus. Soaking up as much quiet pool time and sangria as possible.

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  1. Ruth Alvarez wrote:

    Enjoyed reading your post, I can so relate to this. When the kids are home from school holidays I have a full schedule non stop. I have four teenagers,two boys and two girls, and it can sometimes get crazy at home, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are the best thing Ihave in life and my motivation.

    Posted 2.4.18 Reply