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Pantry Organizing for the New Year

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Do you try to have extra food and snacks stocked up in your pantry? Especially with the kids home all the time I swear we never have enough food in this house. I’m almost spending weekly at the grocery store what I did monthly! Fortunately, when we build the house we sectioned off for a pantry in the mudroom. It’s a decent size but I struggle making the best use of my space.

When I started out with my coffee the other day it was a mess in there. Stuff all over the floor, boxes half empty and no organization. Something I’ve learned… when things aren’t out where we can see them and organized they go to waste. Which results in me losing money!

Step One: Clean everything out! I removed everything from inside, got rid of anything we don’t use and threw out anything that was old/expired. This spring while everything was shutdown I laid down this peel and stick floor tile. I love it and how easy it was to freshen up the space. My shelves are left over closet shelving we had from the closets when we built the house. We got them at Lowe’s years ago. They do the job, but I’d like to have a flat surface so things sit better.

Step Two: Put everything back in place, but in order. Try to put as much as you can in open containers so you see how much you actually have of what. I just picked up cheap little containers from Walmart and my glass containers also came from there. We live about 30 minutes from a “real” grocery store, so when I go I try to stock up. I usually make a Sam’s Club run once a month (maybe twice now the kids are home) and Walmart or Giant Eagle about every other week. I don’t enjoy grocery shopping so do pickup as much as I can but also try to limit my trips.

A friend got me the tin basket for Christmas that has our name on it that we store easy grab snacks for the kids. Since I mainly buy cereal from Sam’s Club (because we go through it so fast) There were the best cereal containers I could find that hold the extra-large bags of cereal. I’m not joking when I say Jayden can put away three bowls a day!

A few years ago I decided to start storing my flour and sugars in airtight containers. Obviously, I worked through the brown sugar on my Christmas baking. These containers do the deed and keep my new pesky pantry moths out. Have you experienced them? How do I get rid of them?

We also have a full size stand up freezer to hold our beef that we get each year. I know that’s mainly more common in rural areas, but goodness if you can do it I highly recommend it. It’s more money up front, but in the long run you save so much! You mainly just need the space. And, you know I couldn’t go without a little wine fridge that is easy to access. I snagged this one used for only $25 which was a total steal!

Baskets make the best storage! Especially big baskets. I snagged these to help hold my extra paper towels and toilet paper. Now, don’t get all huffy, I’m not hoarding the stuff… I just need room to hold my extra rolls from my Sam’s orders. I literally just took these out of the boxes where they were flat as a pancake. Reviews said to stuff the baskets with blankets so they get their shape back. I was impatient and just stuffed with paper towels and toilet paper.

A new pantry organizer was this little lazy susan. Sometimes we have a few left over snacks that need their own space and this is perfect!

Step Three: Pour a glass of wine and be proud of your newly clean space! I now feel like I hear the angels sing when I walk in to grab something!

Now, I understand I’m not going to be nominated as 2021 Better Homes & Gardens Home Decor account to follow, but this is what works for me, and I hope it helps you just a little! Happy organizing!

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