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Winter Blues and a Reading Binge

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Binge Reading and wine

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I’m not sure if it’s the winter blues or what, but I’d consider myself to have been in a bit of a funk lately. It’s freezing cold outside and either snowing or raining. I’ve tried to limit myself from daily running outside of getting the kids to their evening activities. I’ve preferred to spend my days in joggers or leggings, at least 3 day old hair, my glasses a book and possibly a glass (or bottle) of wine reading a book. I’m pretty sure I’d be perfectly content not leaving my house for a good solid month.

Generally when I get in a reading spurt I’m all in for a few weeks until I basically burn myself out. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten on a good binge, possibly even since summer days by the pool. The downfall of these binges… my house (and basically the rest of my life) falls apart. I mean, I’m not downing myself for escaping reality a little. Maybe, I’m just looking for a little positive reinforcement that it’s not just me. Lol

I’ve recently came across a few really good reads. Some from authors I’ve read before and some from new authors. After my little binge I decided to take a little break since a few of my go to authors have new releases coming out.

What I’ve been reading- who’s been keeping me up at night.

Something in the Way Series – Jessica Hawkins

When I went looking for a good series in a book group I follow on Facebook this series was recommended to me. What I was looking for- a book that would keep me up all night and need a bottle of wine. I also wanted to be sure all the books were already out. I’m not a cliffhanger type girl. For being a series, these books were relatively long. The story sucked me in from the beginning, and never once did I get tired of the story especially through book one and two. I will be honest, book three took me a little bit longer to get through, just because what I had been waiting to happen in book one and two finally happened in book three. Could the series have been cut down to a duet? Possibly, but it was still a great read. This was the first I have read of Jessica Hawkins and I look forward to reading more.

The Beaumont Series – Heidi McLaughlin

When my daughter and I went to the theater to see Wonder was the first time I saw the preview for Forever My Girl (book 1 in series). Last week was the first I realized the movie originated from a book. I guess I’ve been living under a rock.  Even though the movie (from what I can tell of the previews) is a bit different from the book, it was a great read. I’d even consider it short and sweet. I love a good second chance romance story. All the characters in book one suck you in, which is basically why there’s book two and three. I highly recommend checking this series out. I consider books 1-3 the main books of the series, however there are more character spinoffs. Heidi is another author I’d love to read more of.

Show Me The Way – A.L. Jackson

Single Dad… Lol there’s much more to it than that. Small town romance along with a sweet little girl. A friend of mine has been reading some of her older series and reports they are great. She just released a a new book this past week – Follow Me Back that I just downloaded on Kindle Unlimited.

Now, two of my favorite authors that I always can rely on to whisk me away in their stories both have new books coming out. First up, Kristy Bromberg’s new book Combust just came out. This is book two in her Everyday Heros series. I first found her when I stumbled across her Driven series about 5 years ago. I’ve probably read that series at least 10 times. (Yes it’s that good!)

Next up would be Corinne Michaels. Back in the beginning of my “reading career” I remember being in book groups with her before she started writing her own books.  The first I read was the Salvation Series. When I read her books it’s like I’m watching a movie. Her new book One Last Time comes out towards the end of this month and I can’t wait.

So, if you’re a romance reader like myself, I hope you take the time to escape your everyday life every once in awhile like me. Come on, it’s fun to live in PJ’s, dirty hair, a bottle of wine and a good book every so often.

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