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Snow Day! Outerwear to Keep the Family Warm and Cute!

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Snow Day

Jacket / Leggings / Socks / Boots


Well, I’m not sure what I did to make Mother Nature so mad, but she’s killing me here lately. Last week we had freezing temperatures where the kids only made it to school one day since the start of their Christmas break. I finally thought this week I’d get back in my routine and on track, but no such luck. That witch sent us freezing rain and about 3 inches of snow. So… snow day again! It’s funny to be scrolling through facebook and you see all the moms commenting they are ready to lose their minds, yet the teachers are all fist bumping each other. Lol I’m just a little concerned because this is only the beginning of January, our winters have typically been arriving later than this so who knows what all is in store. The only positive note a friend brought to light in this situation with the kids going to school into June is time for adult pool parties before school is out. The kids did NOT find that as humorous as I did! We’ve been confined to the house a good bit, the kids need to have a day in school so I can stock up on some groceries and more wine. I had a mini meltdown this morning when I realized I’m down to the last bottle. Lord help us all!

Andrew was going to come home for lunch today, but after giving him our lunch options he offered to take us to lunch. A win for not having to cook but a loss for getting out of the pj’s. I grabbed this jacket before Christmas on sale when I was on the hunt for a jacket to keep my tush warm at the Steelers games this winter. It’s been one of my best selling pieces I’ve shared on the Facebook page. I’ve had these boots for close to 3 years now and absolutely love them. I really don’t think you can go wrong with any Sorel snow boots.

Check out some great winter weather options below for the whole family!

For the ladies.

For the guys.

For the kiddos.

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