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There’s something about sunshine and 70 degree weather that just screams “Shoe Shopping” to me.  It could be the fact that my feet are dying for fresh air and a pedi from Pennsylvania’s wet and cold winters. To me, it seems like we have so many more shoe options for spring/summer over the fall/winter seasons. I mean, there’s only so many variations of riding boots and booties we can add to our closet.

Espadrilles, Flip Flops & Thongs- Say What?

It has truly taken me more time than I imagined to write this post. Why? Because I swear to goodness, there are so many sweet styles out there this year! It has been completely overwhelming for me this year while sandal shopping. How can there be so many variations of a shoe that just basically covers the bottom of our foot, and gives us crazy tan lines on top?! I’m going to break down a few favorites for you in some of my favorite sandal categories this spring.

Espadrilles- I’m not sure why, but these were never super appealing to me much before this year. But, like a light went off, or I got a swift style kick in the booty, I’m digging them! Perfect to throw on when you’re overdue for your summer pedi, but still pulls the cool summer vibe. Check out my top Espadrilles below!

Flip Flops- These are more what I throw on daily around the house, or when I put on work out gear for running errands. That’s as much working out or running that I participate in. Yes, I’m one of those… LOL I’ll be grabbing a few extra pair for our beach trip this summer though! Here’s my favs.

Thongs- The shoes, not the butt floss kind. (Lord, I haven’t bought that kind I think since my wedding almost 12 years ago.) I love the foot kind of thongs. They are such an easy styling shoe. Great with shorts, skinny jeans, and dresses. I’d say this is my most worn sandal style.

Wedges- I used to be a constant heel wearer. However, the older I’m getting and the more I work from home the less and less I wear them. Then, when I do, I swear I pay for it up to three days later. It’s hell getting older. LOL Summer wedges make me still feel like I’m dressing up in heels, but my feet feel so much more comfortable. They are also a super versatile style shoe. Throw them on with a pair of shorts and cute top, skinny jeans cuffed up, or really dress them up with a cute dress!

That’s my summer shoe wrap up for now. I need to go and do some closet purging to make room for these new goodies. Be sure to share with me your favorite summer shoes!

Summer Shoe Styles




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  1. great stuff!

    Posted 5.16.17 Reply
  2. Ariel wrote:

    Ok, I need all of these! Such great finds! I seriously can’t believe sandal weather is already here.

    Posted 5.16.17 Reply
  3. Jesse wrote:

    These are great tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Posted 5.16.17 Reply
  4. Patricia wrote:

    I like the colors (black, white, tan) of the sandals. I think they look really good! If I wore sandals more outside the home, I would definitely buy something like those.

    Posted 5.16.17 Reply
  5. Pammy wrote:

    Gosh! All good and I love them all!

    Pammy –

    Posted 5.18.17 Reply
  6. Such cute options! I really like the espadrilles- you’ve got me wanting to go shoe shopping!

    Posted 5.20.17 Reply
  7. Andrea wrote:

    I wish that by double tapping the pics, the shoes would show up right in front,lol. Love all these styles! Thanks for sharing these great finds!

    Posted 5.20.17 Reply