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The Best Dry Shampoo: Reviewing Living Proof & Olaplex

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If you’ve followed me for long on any social media you know I survive off of coffee, wine and dry shampoo. However, over the years I’ve tried many different brands. Past hairdresser here, so I can sometimes be particular when it comes to hair products and tools. I’ve used Living Proof dry shampoo for a few years now but couldn’t resist to test out Olaplex since I love their shampoo and conditioner. When it came down to finding the best dry shampoo, you may be surprised which one I stuck with.

I’ve loved Olaplex hair care products for a long time and even shared how they played a huge part in me being able to go almost a year without cutting or coloring my hair in the past. Check out this BLOG POST for all the details. That’s why I was so excited to try the new Olaplex dry shampoo.

Olaplex Review

I love Olaplex hair products and my hairdresser also uses them in her salon. I’m definitely going to be the “Debbie downer” here, but the dry shampoo didn’t live up to my expectations. It’s a very clean product which sometimes doesn’t work well with dirty hair. I could get away with using Olaplex on days one and two, but after that it just didn’t get the job done for me.

Living Proof Review

I instantly went back! I’ve even talked about Living Proof on Amazon Live a time or two. I can get away with using the original dry shampoo daily. However, my preferred cocktail is the original on days 1,2,4,5 and the advanced dry shampoo on days 3 and 6.

Living Proof

The smile says it all. I’ll be sticking to my Living Proof until I get antsy to be a guinea pig for you all again. Be sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram, because I always make sure to share anytime Living Proof is on sale!

Do you have a favorite dry shampoo? Let me know below in the comments!

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