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The Best Packing Tips for Vacation

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We are heading out for our family vacation today, so what better time than now to share my best packing tips for vacation. I used to start packing about a week in advance, however anymore I just pack the day before. In all honesty, I’m usually waiting on the laundry to finish up so I have enough underwear to pack. LOL Trust me, if you have a goldendoodle I feel like you will understand my scenario.

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Once I get packed up, I love to travel in comfy style. Give me a jumpsuit with a denim jacket every flight!

My Very Best Packing Tips for Vacation

The number one thing you need is packing cubes! They are truly a game changer! Packing cubes help keep everything organized and allow you to squeeze so much more into your suitcase. The only downfall is you are going to want to have a suitcase scale handy to save you from going overweight.

In both of those packing cubes I have all bras, underwear and pajamas in one and all swimsuits and coverups in the other. Then when we get to our destination I just set them out of the suitcase in the dresser and pull out of them as needed.

Now, this may come as a surprise to you but I’m able to pack both Andrew and I in one suitcase for an entire weeks vacation! I usually just wear swimsuit and coverup to breakfast then straight to the beach and have one outfit for dinner. If my evening outfit is pretty casual I’ll just wear that to breakfast also. You definitely don’t need 3 outfits a day!

I always pack a sun hat and this one has survived many trips in my suitcase. It always arrives to our destination looking brand new! Aside from my packing cubes, I limit myself to 3 pairs of shoes max and throw everything else (makeup and accessories) in my toiletry bag. That way I just hang it up in the bathroom when we get there.

A Few More of My Best Packing Tips for Vacation

  • Splurge on a hard side suitcase. It will truly outlast the cloth ones.
  • Pack cheap haircare products. That way if something busts it’s not your good expensive stuff.
  • Don’t stress, if you forgot something you can buy it there. Unless you’re on a deserted island.
  • Pack a few dishwasher and laundry pods to go with you. No need to buy a full container at the store when you get there.

We are so ready for a vacation and will be sharing a recap of our trip to 30a when we get back. If you have upcoming travels coming up, have a fantastic trip!

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