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The Best Summer Bags from Amazon

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Summer is here and that means vacation and cookout season! Whether we are heading to a friends house for some grilling or to the beach for the day we always pack up a cooler backpack to take our assortment of drinks for the kids and adults. Aside from needing to take drinks we always have other things to carry with us like pool towels and footballs for the kids to play with. Fortunately, I’ve found some of the best summer bags from Amazon to do all that heavy lifting!

Cooler Backpacks From Amazon

When I was in NYC at the Amazon live event they had this Igloo cooler on display and I couldn’t believe how “pretty” it was! Even though I considered it pretty, I still felt it would be a great Father’s Day gift due to the leather structure and design.

Last summer we took this backpack cooler to the beach. The material was great for brushing off the sand and we were able to carry drinks for everyone in it. I packed bottles of wine in the side pockets, then we carried beer, gatorade and water in the main compartment. Added bonus, it comes with a bottle opener attached!

Parker also carried this one with him to football camp to be sure they never ran out of cold water.

More Cooler Backpacks from Amazon

This is a great assortment of different cooler bags for either heading to the beach or a summer barbecue at the neighbors.

Beach Bags from Amazon

Talk about a bag that can hold all the goods… This is it! I had 5 beach towels in here along with everything else we needed. There’s a detachable cooler on the bottom, but we used that for carrying all the sunscreen and things like that.

When it comes to carrying my books and more personal items, I like a beach bag all to myself. I like how this one has a zipper closure with plenty of room!

More Amazon Beach Bags

Another great assortment of beach bags. I have many friends that swear by the Bogg Bags. If you ask me, I’m a little partial to the printed one with the zip up pockets!

What are your must haves that you like to carry to the beach? Let me know in the comments below!

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