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Women’s Beauty: Quick and Easy Makeup Routine

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When I’m home working I don’t wear makeup all that often. Though, sometimes it just helps me feel more put together and productive. That’s why I love having a quick and easy makeup routine. It doesn’t have to take a ton of products and time to help yourself feel more put together. Add in a quick hairstyle and I’m set for the day.

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Products I Use For a Quick and Easy Makeup Routine

Morning Moisturizer

I’ve been using CeraVe products for a few years now and recently started my teens on them. I start with a cleanser in the morning and follow it by the moisturizer. An added bonus on this one is the combined SPF which is needed on our skin year round.

VitaminC Serum

I’ve recently started using VitaminC serums on my face to help with brightening and and skin hydration. What I love about this one so much is it isn’t an oily type serum. I mix a dab with my moisturizer and apply it all over my face and neck.


Another product I’ve been using for years is this foundation. It’s full coverage and also SPF50. I apply a few dots to a foundation brush and smooth over my face and neck.


My exact pallete can’t be found, which tells me it’s time to replace mine because I know it’s a few years old. But, after applying my foundation I add a touch of bronzer and blush to my cheek bones.

Lip Balm

My lips get so dry in the winter and I’ve been a fan of Sugar lip products for years. I use the lip balm before bed and in the mornings.

Mascara Primer

Using a mascara primer makes a world of difference in how your mascara lasts throughout the day. Trust me!


I’ve gone from spending much more on mascara to trying this little gem and loving it so much. It really elongates the lashes and gives them the volume we’re always looking for.

That’s pretty much it! All I use on the day to day. Even if I’m going all out with my makeup, I only add about two more products and I’m set.

Let me know in the comments below how much time/product you generally use on the daily.

I’m a stay at home mom of three kiddos, and wife to my high school sweetheart. I’ve always had a love for fashion and styles that you won’t find on just anybody. Follow me on this journey so I can share with you all of my favorite things!

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