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Christmas Shopping: Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Teens

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Do you shop for stocking stuffers early or are they a last-minute buy? For me, they are usually a last-minute buy and it’s necessities they need that I put off on buying. Come on, if you’re a mom can you really tell me you’ve never told the kids to use their toothpaste sparingly since it’s close to Christmas? I think we’ve all done it. If you’re struggling for some fresh ideas here are some great stocking stuffers for kids and teens to check out.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Teens

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Body Markers

I know, kids shouldn’t draw on themselves… but if they do these markers are perfect!


I prefer sleek and hidden hair ties, however, the kids love the scrunchies.

Sneaker Balls

Save yourself from smelling the stinky sneakers and game cleats with these sneaker balls.

Electric Toothbrush

We made the switch to electric toothbrushes a few years ago for the entire family. These are under $15 and include a travel case.

LED Gloves

Okay, these look pretty cool and fun! They are recommended for 5-15-year-olds!

Wet Brush

If your girl isn’t using a Wet Brush, she’s missing out. This one is on sale and has the extra bristles for added shine.

Blue Light Glasses

I’ve really been pushing my kids to wear blue light glasses when they are on their devices. By the screentime you consider they are on for school then fun, it’s a lot!

AirPod Pro

They’re expensive, but they’re worth it if you ask me. Now, my almost 10-year-old isn’t getting them, but my 15-year-old is.

Sheet Face Masks

Every girl loves a little pampering. We’ve done home spa days in the past and it’s so fun. Plus, a girl is never too young to teach proper skincare!

Pop It’s

I don’t know how these became so popular, but I’m even guilty of “popping it” if one is sitting near me.

Mini Polish Set

These smaller polish bottles are perfect for little lady hands!

Dude Wipes

Buy these for your dude, you’ll thank me later…


Every year at Christmas everyone gets a new loofa in their stocking. It’s the perfect time for a shower refresh.

STEM Puzzles

Little games to keep the mind active are the best!


Whether they are coloring in a color book or writing in a journal, these markers will help fill their stocking.

Kids Deodorant

Maybe it’s to early, but I feel like 10 is a great age to just get in the practice of using deodorant daily. I’m not naming names but there may be a 15 year old in my house I still double-check that they used it in the morning. LOL

Now, tell me below what some of the best stocking stuffers have been for your kids!

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  1. Tristen Hubert wrote:

    I totally shop for stocking stuffers throughout the year!

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    • fashionablylatemom wrote:

      I need to do that!

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