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How to Put Ribbon on the Christmas Tree

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I know, I may be a little late and most of the trees are trimmed already. I swear I prepared everything for this post before Thanksgiving when I decorated our tree, but time got away from me. I learned a few years ago that putting ribbon in the Christmas tree can really elevate the look of your tree! Plus, it can take up space so you aren’t using so many ornaments.

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Tips for Putting Ribbon on the Christmas Tree

When it comes to putting the ribbon on the Christmas tree, I’ve tried a few different ways and I think I finally figured it out. I used to just start with the end of the roll and stuff it in the top of the tree and try to bubble it out. Don’t do that! LOL

  • If you have a tall tree use a wide ribbon that the edges are wired.
  • I used a 6″ mesh ribbon and a gold ribbon slightly smaller.
  • Cut ribbon in sections of 12-18″.
  • Tuck the ends of the ribbon in the tree leaving slack in the center.
  • If you are using two different ribbon colors, alternate how you place them.
christmas tree, how to decorate a tree
Christmas ribbon

See that ribbon? That’s all the longer you need your sections to be! Cut and stuff, that can be your new mantra when decking your tree out with ribbon. When we tackled the Christmas tree, Madison and I worked together and she cut the pieces for me while I placed them. Teamwork definitely helps the process.

If you’re shopping for ribbon for your Christmas tree, I had luck finding mine at Hobby Lobby.

Even though there’s a chance you may have your tree decorated already, just pin one of these images to Pinterest and save it for next year. If you’re looking for other decorating tips, be sure to scroll the blog!

Voila! I wouldn’t call it a Pinterest tree, but it brings peace to me this Christmas season.

Now tell me, do you add ribbon to your Christmas tree?

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