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Summer Sweatshirt Season

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Give a girl a good and cozy summer sweatshirt and she’s sure to change the world… or curl up on the swing with a glass of wine and a good book. It’s been miserably hot around here lately and I actually miss getting to wear my favorite sweatshirts in the evenings or mornings while watering the garden. Thank goodness I’ve found a few sweatshirts that are perfect for the summer and pairing with jeans, shorts, or even over a swimsuit.

Usually with sweatshirts I often times size up one unless they are considered oversized. A few of my favorites have a cropped look so I made sure to size up there.

Do you know the super soft fleece that’s almost like a crushed soft fleece on the inside? That is what this $20 sweatshirt it! It comes in two other colors and you better bet your hiney I’m ordering those too. The little bit of distressing that doesn’t show off what should be covered.

I haven’t met a gal yet that doesn’t like leopard, and pink leopard makes it much more fun. This sweatshirt sold out once and I’m shocked it’s still available. Now, it doesn’t have the super soft fleece, but the color and print makes up for it. Perfectly lightweight to save you from sweating in the summer heat too.

I’m always looking for a strikingly good time… so why not do it while wearing a fun sweatshirt with neon lightning bolts? When I spotted this sweatshirt I couldn’t wait to pair it with white jeans or shorts. As far as soft and cozy, I’d rank it up there with the first one I shared. I was able to stick to my tts on this one!

Here’s to hoping more summer sweatshirt days are upon us, because I’m ready!

I’m a stay at home mom of three kiddos, and wife to my high school sweetheart. I’ve always had a love for fashion and styles that you won’t find on just anybody. Follow me on this journey so I can share with you all of my favorite things!

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