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What I Actually Bought From Amazon – Oct ’20 Edition

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Amazon is my jam and I always know I can rely on it when I need something in a pinch. Sometimes I have to have my items delivered to my girlfriend’s house [that lives 15 min away] because her shipments come a day or two faster than me but it’s always the first place I start looking for something.

Some of the things I get are common items for many of us and some are like… really? Anyway, I think interesting sometimes to see the non-blog worthy Amazon finds I’ve snagged.

Swig Coozie -Believe it or not, but I’m a beer girl instead of a claw girl. I wanted something “cute” to drink my Michelob Ultra while watching the Steeler games. There are tons of styles!

Phone Charger – So, I’m not sure when the change happened that iPhone chargers aren’t a USB plug anymore, but in my car we can’t use any old chargers. So, snagged this so Andrew can charge his phone while riding along.

Dog Bed – Dozer had been crying to go outside around 3am and I’d find him out there laying on my porch swing. So, I figured I’d try and help myself get a full night sleep and try out this bed that a friend raved about for their new puppies. It’s a winner! No more sleepless nights since we got it!

Ear Wipes – Obviously Dozer made out this past month from Amazon for a little TLC. These were a lightning deal steal.

Dog Vitamins – Dozer has been itching like crazy and even sneezing so giving these a shot to help with his allergies!

Dog Food – Dog food has been on my subscribe and save for years. I love never having to worry about running out and hauling the huge bags out of the grocery store.

Men’s Underwear – No tighty whities in this house… these are Andrew approved!

White Bootie – You may remember me wanting a pair of white booties during the NSale but just not loving what I found. Well, I decided to give these a try and they’re a keeper! Great detail and they’ll wipe off easy!

Art Canvas – Madison is always painting up in her bedroom and these canvas’ are the perfect size! Under $1 each!

Zit Treatment – The teenage acne is starting to hit hard here, especially through sports season when Parker is sweaty and gross. So far this is working to help clear up his spots so they’re not so noticible.

Madden 21 – My first official Christmas gifts I bought! Doubled up on these for the boys!

Granola Bars – I swear we go through 10 of these a day between the three kids! They take them to school with them for snacks. It’s the best deal when they’re on deal of the day.

Dry Shampoo – My girlfriend got this in her Fab Fit Fun box and swears it’s the holy grail of dry shampoo. It’s also the cost of gold… I snagged it on Prime Day to compare with my Living Proof!

Scarf – Did you check out my latest blog post on How to Style a Scarf for Fall? I snagged this cute blanket scarf and couldn’t believe how soft it is!

Muck Boots – Hunting season is near for my boys and Jayden couldn’t squeeze his toes in his boots from last year. Both boys love these for their winter treks looking for deer and bear!

Boys Suit – If you saw my Instagram stories on Halloween, Jayden was dressed as Donald Trump and looked pretty dang cute. I decided to snag him a suit that didn’t have a hefty price tag and he could wear through the holidays.

No Show Socks – My sock drawer was so bare I was mix matching my spares with Madison’s to make something work. Snagged these up on Prime Day and fully approve. No sliding out of place with my sneakers or my booties!

Pillow – My old pillow wasn’t cutting it anymore and I’d heard great things about the Coop. I snagged one for myself and love it. While I was out of town a few weekends ago Andrew tested it out and instantly asked me to order him one!

Men’s Socks – I’m not sure why but I swear weekly Andrew is putting holes in his socks. So far these seem to hold up the longest for him!

Hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into what I actually #addtocart at Amazon!

I’m a stay at home mom of three kiddos, and wife to my high school sweetheart. I’ve always had a love for fashion and styles that you won’t find on just anybody. Follow me on this journey so I can share with you all of my favorite things!

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